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Nanophotonic Materials and Devices

Nanophotonic Materials and Devices I
Thursday, Dec. 2, 2021  13:15-15:00
Presider: Prof. Hyeonseok Lee (NSYSU) Prof. Chih-Ming Wang (NCU)
Room: 302a
13:15 - 13:30 Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0224
Paper No.  2021-THU-S0101-O001
Wei-Ruei Chen Bound states in the continuum with linear and elliptical polarized lasing
Wei-Ruei Chen;Kuo-Ping Chen

Bound states in the continuum could be realized by the metasurface with high Q-factor resonance. It uses a pair of rectangular bars to form two surface lattice resonances with destructive interference, so that Fano resonance occurs. In this study, the symmetry of the structure was broken to produce chirality and maintain the high Q-factor. We also use internal excitation to analyze the localization of the electric field and the polarization of the emission. This result can confirm that the high Q-factor can be maintained regardless of external or internal excitation after the structure symmetry is broken.

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13:30 - 13:45 Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0239
Paper No.  2021-THU-S0101-O002
Po-Liang Chen Waveguide-Integrated Black Phosphorus Photodetectors in Mid-Infrared range
Po-Liang Chen;Tian-Yun Chang;Jia-Xin Li;Wei-Qing Li;Chang-Hua Liu

Developing high-performing and silicon compatible mid-infrared photodetectors will greatly benefit mid-infrared silicon photonics applications. We proposed a new type of hybrid photodetector, which is composed of black phosphorus / molybdenum ditelluride van der Waals heterostructures integrated with a silicon-on insulator waveguide. Our device could exhibits high responsivity, ultrafast rise and decay time in the mid-infrared spectral range. The results show its great promise for mid-infrared on-chip sensing applications.

13:45 - 14:00 Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0383
Paper No.  2021-THU-S0101-O003
Siti Sulikhah Modeling and Characterization of Asymmetric Quarter-Wave-Shifted DFB Based Electro-absorption Modulated Lasers for 400-Gb/s and Above Optical Interconnects
Siti Sulikhah;San Liang Lee;Hen Wai Tsao

A newly developed asymmetric quarter-wave-shifted (QWS) DFB based electro-absorption modulator lasers (EMLs) are proposed here to overcome the challenging issues for the former symmetric AR-AR schemes, which suffer from performance degradation due to the external optical feedback and its output efficiency. With HR-AR structure, an asymmetric QWS-EML can maintain a high dynamic single-mode yield of 89.19% and average Q-value of >20.8 even with strong reflection from EAM output facet. Regarding these improvements, we admit that the advanced MQW laser technologies in terms of asymmetric QWS DFB based EMLs can affords the cost-effective solution for the forthcoming 800G or 1.6T Ethernet

14:00 - 14:15 Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0605
Paper No.  2021-THU-S0101-O004
Li-Ming Chiang Enhanced Photoluminescence of Methylammonium Lead Bromide Perovskite via Silver Film Over Nanospheres
Li-Ming Chiang;Hai-Pang Chiang;Tsung-Sheng Kao

We investigate a tunable plasmonic structure to enhance perovskite material’s fluorescence with nanosphere self-assembly method, magnetic sputter system, thermal evaporation system, and chemical solution method. When perovskite on the structure with no silver particle, its fluorescence enhancement is 2.86 times. When the perovskite on the structure with silver particles, its fluorescence enhancement is 27.41 times, respectively.

14:15 - 14:30 Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0604
Paper No.  2021-THU-S0101-O005
Tzu-Chun Chien One-bit Transmission Analyzation of asymmetric-arm Silicon Photonic Mach–Zehnder Modulator
Tzu-Chun Chien;Zih-Yuan Ciou;Shih-Chun Kao;Kuo-Fang Chung;Ding-Wei Huang;Gong-Ru Lin

A one-bit transmission and optical output power to DC voltage bias curve (P-V curve) on the asymmetric-arm Mach–Zehnder Modulator (MZM) are demonstrated. The one-bit signal amplitudes are 41.63 µW and 42.81 µW over VDC are 1.1 V and 3.2 V, and P-V curve slopes are roughly 0.218 and 0.444.

14:30 - 14:45 Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0181
Paper No.  2021-THU-S0101-O006
Chia-Hung Wu Near-field Photodetection in Polarization-Enabled Steering Surface Plasmon Polaritons Waveguides Embedded with Graphene
Chia-Hung Wu;Kuo-Ping Chen

In this research, a polarization actuated graphene photodetector was demonstrated
via surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) detection. The designed symmetric nano-structure
guides the SPPs to the graphene photodetector due to local carriers heating. The excited hot
carriers were separated and driven via external and internal electric fields, generating a
photocurrent. The micro-scale directional coupler was based on a two-wire transmission line
that supports a symmetric and an antisymmetric modes. This yields unidirectional propagating
surface plasmons tuned by different polarizations of light. The contrast of photocurrent from
different polarizations was 300 %.

14:45 - 15:00 Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0350
Paper No.  2021-THU-S0101-O007
Yu-Cheng Lin Heterogeneously Integrating Photonic Crystal Lasers on SiNx Waveguide by Transfer Printing
Yu-Cheng Lin;Jing-Ting Wang;Tsan-Wen Lu;Po-Tsung Lee

We integrate 1D photonic crystal nanobeam lasers onto SiNx waveguides by high precision transfer printing technique. With asymmetric PhC lattice and tapered structure design, we realize highly efficient light coupling in this heterogeneous integration and investigate the integration misalignment tolerance for the light coupling.