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Optical Waveguides and Communications

Optical Waveguides and Communications V
Saturday, Dec. 4, 2021  09:00-10:30
Presider: Prof. Wan-Shao Tsai
Room: 302b
09:00 - 09:15
Manuscript ID.  0312
Paper No.  2021-SAT-S0205-O001
Wen-Ming Guo Spatial light modulator control complex optical vortex
Wen-Ming Guo

In this letter, we use SLM to make a single beam have multi-OAM to obtain complex optical vortices, and observe that complex optical vortices can produce different beam shapes. In addition, two different phase patterns can be superimposed for encoding and decoding.

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09:15 - 09:30
Manuscript ID.  0375
Paper No.  2021-SAT-S0205-O002
Santoshi Rupa Gayatri Neralla Phase Error Correction and Optimization of Optical Phased Arrays Based on Genetic Algorithm
Harjuno Hutomo;Santoshi Rupa Gayatri Neralla;Tsung Han Lee;San Liang Lee

Phase error correction and optimization of Optical Phased array (OPA) is an important task in applying OPAs for optical sensing due to the fabrication induced phase errors among the arrayed waveguides that form unwanted side-lobes in the far-field pattern (FFP). Thus, an algorithm that is able to conduct phase distribution optimization is important to enhance the quality of FFP. In this research, we develop phase distribution optimization algorithm based on the genetic algorithm (GA) and performs PSLL of 15.58 for beam steering optimization. In terms of phase error correction, the algorithm can improve PSLL from 1.1 dB to 15.08 dB.

09:30 - 09:45
Manuscript ID.  0526
Paper No.  2021-SAT-S0205-O003
Wei-Chung Peng Beam Steering Operation of Optical Antenna Arrays with Phase Optimization
Yi-Hsuan Lin;Wei-Chung Peng;Tsung-Han Lee;San-Liang Lee

We propose a group phase correction to perform a far field phase calibration. A 64-channel uniform optical phased array (OPA) is successfully carried out with a periodic sidewall grating waveguide structure optical antenna. The far field after group phase correction indicates clean output beam with 0.16° FWHM along the array direction and 16.74 dB PSLL. We also exploit the genetic algorithm to design a 128-channel aperiodic OPA. The far field optimization performs 12.01 dB PSLL at 0π phase shift and 11.89 dB at π phase shift. The maximal steering angle can achieve ±52.7°.

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09:45 - 10:00
Manuscript ID.  0490
Paper No.  2021-SAT-S0205-O004
Pin-Duan Huan Study of the High-Speed Imaging Communication System
Pin-Duan Huan;Chen-Yu Chen;Yeh-Wei Yu;Tsung-Hsun Yang;Ching-Cherng Sun

In this paper, we describe the realization of a high-speed communication system. Our approach uses Micro-LEDs for display system and uses light as communication media. In order to eliminate the local noise from environment in display system, we developed a coded pattern and applied our algorithm for information extraction.

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10:00 - 10:15
Manuscript ID.  0012
Paper No.  2021-SAT-S0205-O005
Poh-Suan Chang A WDM-VLLC and White-Lighting Ring Network with OADM Scheme
Poh-Suan Chang;Yu-Ting Chen;Chen-Xuan Liu;Yan-Yu Lin;Ting Ko;Hai-Han Lu

A WDM-VLLC and white-lighting ring network with 150-Gb/s accumulative transmission rate at CS, 50-Gb/s transmission rate at optical node, and 542-lux white-lighting at CS is demonstrated. RGB LDs with two-stage injection locking and optoelectronic feedback techniques are used to afford the dual-function of high-speed VLLC links with white-lighting at reading/writing-level.

10:15 - 10:30
Manuscript ID.  0404
Paper No.  2021-SAT-S0205-O006
Ping-Chun Hu Modeling and Simulation of Quantum Key Distribution
Ping-Chun Hu;Yung-Cheng Kao;Chih-Sung Chuu;Yuh-Renn Wu

This study developed a simulation framework to implement efficient quantum key distribution (QKD) . The software allows users to model and simulate arbitrary QKD systems. The results show that the software can handle the key rate of differential phase shift QKD protocol well and then the simulation is used for system optimization.