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Optical Waveguides and Communications

Poster Session I
Friday, Dec. 3, 2021  14:00-16:00
Room: Corridor

Manuscript ID.  0337
Paper No.  2021-FRI-P0201-P001
Yu-Jen Huang Mitigation of Optical Carrier Power Fading for 3×3 MIMO 60-GHz Direct-Detection OFDM RoFMF System
Yu-Jen Huang;Ping-Yao Huang;Zhen-Xiong Xie;Tung-Han Hsieh1;Shao-Hung Yu;Chia-Chien Wei;Sien Chi;Chun-Ting Lin

We propose a novel method to mitigate the power fading effect in a V-band fiber-wireless 3x3 MIMO system. The proposed scheme can realize the 114.71-Gbps RoFMF system with 1.7-m FMF and 3-m wireless transmission.


Manuscript ID.  0348
Paper No.  2021-FRI-P0201-P002
Yan-Ching Lee Brillouin Optical Time Domain Analysis Integrated Fiber Bragg Gratings for 16 Km Hybrid Fiber Sensing
Zhu-Yong Xia;Dong-Chang Li;Yan-Ching Lee;Shien-Kuei Liaw;Chi-Wen Liao

A hybrid fiber sensing scheme is built by setting a Brillouin-optical-time-domain-analysis (BOTDA) fiber system and two Fiber Bragg gratings. The proposed system is capable of 16km sensing distance with a 2m spatial resolution. For FBGs parameters measurement, the measured sensitivity of 23pm/C and 0.975pm/με for temperature and strain individually.


Manuscript ID.  0134
Paper No.  2021-FRI-P0201-P003
Bo-Yin Wang Utilization of Dual-Polarized Signal in WDM-PON with Long-Reach Fiber Transmission
Bo-Yin Wang;Wei-Hung Hsu;Chien-Hung Yeh;Chi-Wai Chow

A symmetrical polarization-division-multiplexing (PDM) wavelength-division-multiplexing passive optical network (WDM-PON) together with fiber to the extension link is designed. The investigated PDM WDM-PON architecture not only provides 35 Gbit/s downstream data traffic, but also avoids the Rayleigh backscattering (RB)-produced beat noise.


Manuscript ID.  0136
Paper No.  2021-FRI-P0201-P004
Li-Hung Liu Steady Single-Mode Fiber Laser Exploiting Quad-Ring Architecture
Li-Hung Liu;Han-Shin Ko;Chien-Hung Yeh;Chi-Wai Chow;Jing-Heng Chen

We investigate a wavelength-switchable quad-ring (QR) based erbium-doped fiber (EDF) laser to accomplish single-longitudinal-mode (SLM) exhibition. The presented QR can cause a mode-filter effect to mitigate the thick multi-longitudinal-mode (MLM), flatten power output and narrow wavelength linewidth over an obtainable tuning scale of 1524.0 to 1569.0 nm.


Manuscript ID.  0137
Paper No.  2021-FRI-P0201-P005
Li-Ci Chen Stabilized Single-Frequency and Switchable-Wavelength Erbium Laser Applying Multi-Ring Design
Li-Ci Chen;Yi-Ting Lai;Chien-Hung Yeh;Jing-Heng Chen;Chi-Wai Chow

We propose to use a multi-ring architecture in erbium-doped fiber (EDF) based fiber to reach switchable wavelength and stable single-longitudinal-mode (SLM) behavior. Here, based on C-band erbium gain regarding as gain medium can extend the tuning scale from 1519.0 to 1577.0 nm. The related output characteristics are also executed.

Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0434
Paper No.  2021-FRI-P0201-P006
Cheng Ting Liao Integrated Quantum Optical Controlled-NOT (CNOT) Gate on a Si3N4 Photonics Platform
Cheng Ting Liao;Yen An Shih;Ming Chang Lee;Chih-Sung Chuu

We present an integrated path-encoded quantum optical controlled-NOT (CNOT) gate implemented on a Si3N4 photonics platform. The miniaturization of such a quantum logic gate on a chip is achieved by integrating reconfigurable Si3N4 Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZIs), which replace bulk beam splitters that are commonly used on optical tables.

Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0652
Paper No.  2021-FRI-P0201-P007
Zong-Han Yang Hollow Core Antiresonant Nodeless Fibers with Connecting Rods between Inner and Outer Tubes
Zong-Han Yang;Chih-Hsien Lai

We propose a simple approach to modify the structure of hollow core antiresonant nodeless fiber (HC-ANF) by introducing connecting rods between the inner and the outer tubes of HC-ANF. Confinement loss of the modified HC-ANF with connecting rods can be lowered nearly one order of magnitude.

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Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0341
Paper No.  2021-FRI-P0201-P008
Ping Hsuan Yang Study of High Gain Efficiency of Chromium Doped Fiber Amplifier Employee Different Core Dimensions
Ping Hsuan Yang;Kai-Chieh Chang;Chia-Ling Tsai;Chun-Nien Liu;Sheng-Lung Huang;Wood-Hi Cheng

In this paper, we tried the diameter of 9-35 μm chromium doped fiber (CDF) and combine the formula with parameters in MATLAB to find out the best gain vs length.

Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0541
Paper No.  2021-FRI-P0201-P009
Ting Rong Chen 60 GHz Wideband Applied with the Optimal Length Conductor-Backed Coplanar Waveguide on Single Through Glass Via Substrate
Ting Rong Chen;Chien-Liang Chiu

Design a Conductor-Backed Coplanar Waveguide (CBCPW) that can be used at 60 GHz,and made it in a drilled single layer glass structure,which can be use a drilled glass substrate to achieve the same signal in both side.S11 -10dB、S21 -3dB。

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Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0618
Paper No.  2021-FRI-P0201-P010
Kao Hsiang-Chih High-speed Inductive-peaking Si Microring Modulator over 65GHz Operating Bandwidth
Kao Hsiang-Chih;Lin Ming-Wei;Lee Ming-Chang

We design a high-speed inductive-peaking Si microring modulator (MRM) which has a spiral inductor to enhance electro-optic conversion efficiency. Via properly selecting the operating wavelength, the MRM’s 3dB bandwidth extends from 45GHz to over 65GHz and the conversion gain increases by 5 dB at 50 GHz.

Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0006
Paper No.  2021-FRI-P0201-P011
Kai-Jun Yang Polarization Beam Splitter Based on Three-Waveguide Coupler with Subwavelength Grating Waveguide
Kai-Jun Yang;Chin-Ping Yu

A high-efficiency polarization beam splitter is proposed by using three-waveguide coupler with subwavelength grating waveguide. The coupling length is only 12 μm, and the operation bandwidth is 53 nm. In addition, our proposed structure also possesses good fabrication tolerance.

Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0346
Paper No.  2021-FRI-P0201-P012
Jim-Han Tu Study of Micro-lensed Fiber in Silicon Photonics Package
Jim-Han Tu;Chun-Nien Liu;Tien-Tsorng Shih;Wood-Hi Cheng

We use MatLab to simulate the coupling efficiency between optical fiber and waveguide. Then, report and demonstrate the hyperboloid micro-lensed from Si-photonics chip coupling to single-mode fiber employing automatic grinding and calibrated spin-on-glass coating techniques

Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0479
Paper No.  2021-FRI-P0201-P013
Sheng-Siang Su Realization of large-area NIR metalens using i-line photolithography
Sheng-Siang Su;Wei-Ping Liao;Yu-Fan Lin;Hsueh-Li Liu;Shu-De Gong;Peichen Yu;You-Chia Chang;Jia-Min Shieh;Chun-Chi Chen;Wen-Hsien Huang

Recently, metalens has received significant attention because of its ability to control the light. In order to achieve mass production and high production yield rate, we develop an optical proximity correction simulation suite with fully convolutional network to enable the patterning of near-infrared metalens using the i-line photolithography. A 1.5mm metalens with a numerical aperture of 0.45 has been successfully fabricated with a measured efficiency over 50%, which is among the highest reported values using i-line photolithography.

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Award Candidate (Paper Competition)
Manuscript ID.  0552
Paper No.  2021-FRI-P0201-P014
Shih-Chun Kao Analysis of Silicon Mach-Zehnder Modulator With CBand encoding NRZ-OOK Over 10-km SMF and DSF
Shih-Chun Kao;Bo-Yuan Lee Lee;Patrick Chiang;Gong-Ru Lin

A low-power-consumption single-arm-driven silicon (Si) Mach-Zehnder modulator (MZM) operated at C-band (lambda=1550 nm) for non-return-to-zero on-off-keying (NRZ-OOK) transmission beyond 50 Gbit/s over 10-km single-mode fiber (SMF) and dispersion-shift fiber (DSF) is demonstrated to guarantee the IEEE 802.3bs standardized 400GBASE-FR8/LR8 operation.

data center, Si photonics, Mach-Zehnder Modulator (MZM), on-off keying (OOK), 4-level pulse amplitude modulation (PAM-4)