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Optical Design

Optical Design I
Thursday, Dec. 2, 2021  13:15-15:00
Presider: Prof. Chi-Hung Lee
Room: 302e
13:15 - 13:30
Manuscript ID.  0343
Paper No.  2021-THU-S0501-O001
Fitri Oktafiani Far-field Optical Manipulation with Low Power Illumination via Archimedean Spiral Plasmonic Lens with Single Circular Groove (CG-ASPL)
Fitri Oktafiani;Jun Quan Chen;Po Tsung Lee

We propose CG-ASPL design to manipulate particle at a distance far away from the structure surface. The optical properties and trapping performances of CG-ASPL are simulated and analyzed. A particle of 1 μm diameter can be trapped in the far-field region (1.3λ) with low power illumination of 4 mW.

13:30 - 13:45
Manuscript ID.  0234
Paper No.  2021-THU-S0501-O002
Shen-Fu Tseng Design of improving light extraction efficiency of 10μm x 10μm Micro LEDs by adding microstructures
Zhi-Ting Ye;Shen-Fu Tseng;Wei Lai

When the size of the micro light-emitting diode (micro-LED) becomes smaller, surface patterning is a way to improve the light extraction efficiency (LEE). We propose a method of adding microstructures on the surface of 10μm x 10μm micro-LED, analyzing LEE when changing the pitch and shape of structures. With a wavelength of 460 nm in 2D modules, optimized LEE with microstructures pitch of 760 nm. Compared to the micro-LED without microstructures by adding T-shaped and cylindrical microstructures, the LEE is increased by 10.3% and 11.3% in the 2D module, and 10.2% and 11.0% in the 3D module.

13:45 - 14:00
Manuscript ID.  0022
Paper No.  2021-THU-S0501-O003
Jui-Chi Chang Direct Optical Dispersion Estimation and Compensation Based on Frequency-resolved Optical Gating
Jui-Chi Chang;Chia-Yuan Chang;Shu-Yu Chang

The frequency-resolved optical gating (FROG) is a well-known technique in ultrashort pulse measurement. However, the phase retrieval is time-consuming due to the iterative procedure. In this paper we demonstrate a fast and direct optical dispersion algorithm, which can directly determine the group delay dispersion (GDD) from single FROG trace, the computation time is 13 times faster than standard principal component generalized projection algorithm (PCGPA). We also combined the direct phase retrieval FROG with the PI controller, prism-based compressor to achieve automatic compensation system to multiphoton excitation fluorescent microscopy (MPEFM), the reconstructed image intensity can be elevated up to 1.6 times.

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14:00 - 14:15
Manuscript ID.  0262
Paper No.  2021-THU-S0501-O004
Chun-Ting Sung Path Following of Field Tracked Robots Based on Model Predictive Control with Identified State-Space Dynamic Model
Chun-Ting Sung;Wen-Chuan Tseng;Meng-Hui Hsu;Shean-Jen Chen

The state-space dynamic model of a tracked robot in orchard has been identified with more than 50% estimated fitting, and then utilized in the model predictive control (MPC) process. The MPC with the model can precisely follow the reference paths according to suitable prediction and control horizons under multivariable constraints. The inputs of system identification are the different white noises of left and right tracked speed. We use Intel D435i depth camera with ORB-SLAM on Robot Operating System (ROS) to provide the localization information as the outputs. From the experimental result, system identification with MPC can follow the path correctly.

14:15 - 14:30
Manuscript ID.  0306
Paper No.  2021-THU-S0501-O005
Sumesh Nair Effective Laser Pest Controller with Modulated UV-A Light Trap for Mushroom Fungus Gnats
Sumesh Nair;Ching-Chieh Su;Chia-Wei Hsu;Ming-Jeh Chien;Shean-Jen Chen

Fungus gnats cause significant damage and economic loss to mushroom plantations. In their young larvae stage, they feed rampantly on the mycelium of the mushrooms, rendering them useless for trade and human consumption. As an alternative to inconvenient and time consuming physical pest control methods and chemical pesticide overuse, we utilize frequency modulated UV-A light trap (365nm) to attract the fungus gnats to a small spot area, and then employ quick laser scanning to eliminate the pests in the area efficiently.

14:30 - 14:45
Manuscript ID.  0268
Paper No.  2021-THU-S0501-O006
Ngoc Thi Thu Le Precise Mid-field Modeling for UVC LEDs by using Fluorescent Film
Ngoc Thi Thu Le;Shih-Kang Lin;Ching-Cherng Sun;Chi-Shou Wu;Tsung-Hsun Yang;Yeh-Wei Yu

We present a mid-field model for a UVC LED by comparison of the 2-D irradiance pattern. Because of UVC light, we propose using fluorescent film which absorbs UV-C light and re-emits visible light so that the 2-D irradiance light pattern could be captured by a CCD or CMOS sensor, and then we compare with the corresponding simulation in mid-field distance.

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