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Display Technology

Display Technology II
Thursday, Dec. 2, 2021  15:15-17:00
Presider: Prof. Tsung-Hsien Lin Prof. Ko-Ting Cheng
Room: 302c
15:15 - 15:30
Manuscript ID.  0067
Paper No.  2021-THU-S0702-O001
CHIA-YU YEN Angle independent linear polarization rotator using twist nematic liquid crystals

We reported a linear polarization rotator that is based on single-substrate-liquid crystal polymer film fabricated by spin coating technique. Such a linear polarization rotator operated at the first order of Gooch-Tarry condition exhibits incident-angle independence in a specific angle range.

15:30 - 15:45
Manuscript ID.  0471
Paper No.  2021-THU-S0702-O002
Shao-Hao Liao Biphotonically switchable reflection bandwidth expansion using chiral azobenzene-doped cholesteric liquid crystals
Ko-Ting Cheng;Cheng-Kai Liu;Ming-Hong Yuan;Shao-Hao Liao

An approach to modulate the bandwidth of reflection light of chiral azobenzene-doped cholesteric liquid crystals (CAdCLCs) is reported. Pitch length of CAdCLCs illuminated by green and purple lights can be decreased and increased, respectively. The expansion of bandwidth of reflection light of CAdCLCs by simultaneously illuminating green and purple lights on the same side and on the opposite sides of CAdCLC cell is investigated. The optimized method to expand bandwidth of CAdCLCs is also discussed.

15:45 - 16:00
Manuscript ID.  0693
Paper No.  2021-THU-S0702-O003
Chia-Yu Lee Minimizing Color Metamerism of Camera-based Display Measurement
Chia-Yu Lee;Pei-Li Sun;Hung-Chung Li

Since the spectral responses of commonly used camera sensors do not have a linear relationship with the CIE color matching functions, it shows serious metamerism color mismatch in the measurement of different types of displays. Color errors caused by the instrument-to-observer metamerism are effectively reduced by a proposed 5-stage method which takes spectral radiance of the reference and the test displays into account.

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16:00 - 16:15
Manuscript ID.  0365
Paper No.  2021-THU-S0702-O004
Sin-Wei Lin Control of Smart Windows Based on Double Layer Dichroic Dye-doped Nematic Liquid Crystals via Face Recognition System
Sin-Wei Lin;Cheng-Kai Liu;Ko-Ting Cheng

This paper reports that a liquid crystal smart window based on double layer dichroic dye-doped nematic liquid crystals can be switched between transparent and dark states via the face recognition system consisting of programming language and circuit design.

16:15 - 16:30
Manuscript ID.  0331
Paper No.  2021-THU-S0702-O005
Ching-Huang Chiu New thermally activated delayed fluorescence emitter for high efficiency OLED
Ching-Huang Chiu;Bo-Yen Lin;Chia-Hsun Chen;Man-kit Leung;Jiun-Haw Lee;Tien-Lung Chiu

A OLED using a new thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) emitter achieved excellent performances in terms of current efficiency of 49.42 cd/A, power efficiency of 44.05 lm/W and external quantum efficiency of 18.14%. Moreover, the OLED presented blueish green emission wavelength of 496 nm, corresponding to color coordinates of (0.194, 0.429). Besides, the transient electroluminescence of the device exhibited an obviously delayed emission with decay time of approximately 2.39 μs, indicating delayed fluorescence character. Accordingly, employing the new TADF dopant in EML in OLED showed high efficiency, which was attributable to the effective utilization of triplet excitons.